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The Haughton Learning Center exists to serve children and their families by helping each child to achieve his or her highest possible level of academic, social, and personal success. Elizabeth Haughton, Founder and Director of the Center, has spent her professional life working with children, using research-based methods to improve teaching and learning.

It is our belief that current mainstream educational practices leave many children behind by failing to ensure fluency in critical foundation skills – those key elements of reading, language, mathematics, writing, and learning-to-learn that underlie nearly all other skills normally taught in schools. By applying a powerful, data-based instructional approach known as Precision Teaching, combined with curriculum objectives that specify fluency criteria for each skill, we work to fill the gaps left behind by many current educational methods and philosophies.

Over 30 years of experience in both public and private educational settings convinces us that our methods can help many, many children leap ahead from their current educational levels to achieve truly remarkable results. We have helped hundreds of children, and their parents, find new hope and greater confidence that learning success is, in fact, attainable for them. With that purpose, we have built the Haughton Learning Center on the following core Values and program Cornerstones.

Our Values

We work from the heart.

We share a passion for learning.

We set high aims.

We pay attention to data and care enough to chart.

We intend to make a significant difference.

We bring together people who care with methods that work.

We prepare every student for a lifetime of learning.

Our Four Cornerstones
Commitment to Action
Parents, students and staff of the center identify goals and prioritize areas to be developed. Everyone follows through with specific actions in order to provide an effective program.
Educational Assessment
Prior to enrollment, each child's specific strengths and needs are measured and analyzed in terms of fluency and accuracy levels. These levels are essential to a student's self-confidence, independence, and ability to apply learning to new situations.
Personalized Learning Program
Based on the prioritized areas, a personalized program of instruction, practice and measurement is designed for each student. This involves determining a sequence of skills to be taught and the learning channels which will best enable the student to apply the skills.
Precision Teaching
To give a clear picture of a student's learning pattern, data is continuously charted on a Standard Celeration Chart. This information shows precise progress, giving the student valuable instant feedback, as well as enhancing program decision-making. Fluency levels are then set to guarantee retention, endurance, and application of skills and knowledge.
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