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Haughton Learning Center Curriculum Products

Since its beginning in 1988, the Haughton Learning Center has continued to improve its programs and curriculum materials, expanding and refining them to better meet the needs of its students. After receiving many requests from other educators, as well as parents, for materials and training in their use, we have begun to package our curriculum materials and offer them for sale.

Our Foundation Skills curriculum packages combine thoroughly tested materials with verified fluency aims for each skill, plus recommended teaching and measurement procedures. We include a Precision Assessment tool with each product to ensure correct placement of learners, based on their entry level performance on prerequisites for skills covered in each program.

Our programs are not merely collections of practice sheets, lengthy teaching scripts, or complicated documentation. They provide practical guidance and tools for building fluency in important skills, and combine activities that involve multiple learning channels and response modalities, depending on the nature of each skill.

Click on the underlined titles below to view descriptions of each product, and click on the underlined TOC to the left of the title to download a PDF version of the table of contents. For titles without underlines, call us for more information, and check back periodically to view our growing list of program descriptions.

To order, please download and complete the order form and then mail to:

Haughton Learning Center
10315 Amador St.
Jackson, CA 95642

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

If you need a copy of the Acrobat Reader software to read and print these PDF files, just click on the icon below and it will take you to the Adobe site where you can download the software at no cost. After you're done downloading the software, simply choose to go "back" and return to this page.

Table of contents (PDF)
Online descriptions of each product
TOC Phonological Coding: Phonemic Awareness
TOC Phonological Coding: Word & Syllable Awareness
Foundation Skills for Math (Part I)
TOC Handwriting: Print
TOC Handwriting: Cursive
TOC Addition & Subtraction: A Multi-Channel Approach
TOC Multiplication & Division Facts: A Multi-Channel Approach
TOC Rapid Automatic Naming Division Fact

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